People can and should express their personalities however they wish to without being cattle corralled into historic stereotypical gender norms but neither is it productive or helpful to name tag the uniqueness of each human personality according to an encyclopaedic range of gender definitions.

The spectrum of human personality is huge and doesn’t require endless labels or a denial of biology or scientific fact. Whether someone doesn’t express any typical gender traits strongly at all, whether they are male sex with typically feminine gender traits or vice versa, whether this changes on some days or during each particular day, or even in certain situations, all of this is simply our human personality and character. What it is not, is transgender.

So called ‘gender fluidity’, rather than its more correct description as simply human personality, is being given equivalence with true gender dysphoria which is a medical condition with often genuinely distressing issues for those experiencing it. The impact of this misnomered conflation is that many people find it fashionable and self-serving to paint themselves into being part of a vulnerable minority when this is patently not the case. Appropriating words such as ‘queer’, ‘transgender’ as well as the ‘LGBT’ acronym by hijacking the initialisms of the community is virtually on a par with discrimination against it. Indeed some have now taken to appending the rest of the alphabet to the acronym as a means of faux inclusivity. This detracts from the true need to continue the march towards equality and the fight against discrimination for the LGBT community, whether that be marriage equality, healthcare parity (including access to PrEP, public funding for male same sex couple fertility treatments or blood donation), as well as facing head on the ongoing challenges of ingrained prejudices in society.

The current purported initials now consist of 12 characters; ‘LGBTQQIP2SAA’. It now reads much like a WiFi password or a website code to detect you as a human rather than a bot; yet for the LGBT community it is thoroughly dehumanising. For the uninitiated these letters stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, pansexual, two-spirit (2S), androgynous and asexual. The human brain in its day to day functioning can usually recall the odd 7 – 11 digit numbers with relative ease but in the wake of lists of 100 different gender labels having been published, this stands to become more like a contest in memorising and reciting Pi to 100’s of decimal places. So be prepared to commit the letter abbreviations to memory or face the wrath of triggery. What a spectacularly cruel wrath it is to behold, with all the pent up rage of a petulant teenager or a spoiled toddler, the purity and vileness of the hatred will be most palpable.

For otherwise rational individuals it is as if they have a severe case of verbal Hulkosis and so the vitriol will flow. Pity them, because they are not equipped to deal with challenges to their belief system or any opposing points of view except by rage and so all trace of common decency, and sense, will evaporate. You will be labelled, for that is the raison d’etre of the ritually offended, to place everyone and everything into more pigeonholes than a towering Dovecote so that they are able to maintain a sense of control and order. Forged in echo chambers, these ideas are allowed to reverberate to deafening crescendos as yet unheard. Yet, in seeking to put everyone in their place, and each place allocated its own inalienable rights and entitlements, the contradiction of their behaviour is that it unleashes pandemonium and chaos.

Plato describes these concepts as features of a late to end stage democracy and while our system isn’t quite of the Ancient Grecian type, it does stand as a warning to any democratic society of symptoms of malaise. If our society were to follow these norms it would have no community norms or tolerable normality and would instead be an individualistic free for all rather than nurturing freedom for all. Into the fray of such chaos can come the demagogue who would bring a wholly different order of the dictatorial variety and so end the cherished freedom we have and enjoy. Such characters feed off the backlash to the ransom demands of faux-offended snowflakes when they stray beyond the realms of sense. So, if you are such a snowflake, be careful of the unintended consequences of your wishes because if you think Trump is the epitome of a demagogue you would be most sorely mistaken.

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